Sail from San Juan to London
SeaDream I’s Trans-Atlantic Voyage
April 23 – May 8, 2011

For added enjoyment and entertainment, guest speakers present throughout the voyage on a wide variety of captivating subjects. One such speaker sailing aboard the SeaDream I’s trans-Atlantic voyage #11118 is Mrs. Lieve Olivera, an international sports judge. Her lectures focus on her experience as an Olympic judge. She’ll discuss the spirit of the Olympic Games, the controversies, power and politics of the games and the triumphs and tragedies… all through the eyes of an International Gymnastics Judge. Enjoy incredible tales of controversy and courage.


Joining Mrs. Lieve Olivera as a guest speaker aboard SeaDream I’s trans-Atlantic voyage #11118 is Jerry Kornfeld, M.D., FAAFP. Jerry can be seen or heard on CNBC, Fox, CBS, and KABC talk radio. Dr. Kornfeld explores the role your attitude and thoughts play in controlling your health and longevity and how the mind-body connection can begin to help heal your body. He says it is important to remember not to let your age control your health. As Author of Your 100 Year Heart, Dr. Kornfeld will discuss why many hearts die too young and how to keep your heart alive for at least 100 years.

Space is still available on this trans-Atlantic voyage #11118. It’s the first time a SeaDream vessel is calling on London. Join us for this special occasion!


How about taking Mom on a 7-night Mediterranean SeaDream yacht club voyage! Embark the luxury mega-yacht, SeaDream II in Malaga, Spain on May 7th and sail through Spain and France, ending in Monte Carlo. Ports of call include Valenica and Barcelona, Spain; Cassis, Sanary Sur Mer and St. Tropez, France. Rates starting at $3,999 per person.


Details of SeaDream II voyage # 21118

Date Ports of Call
07-MAY-2011, Saturday Malaga, Spain (Embarkation)  
08-MAY-2011, Sunday Valencia, Spain  
09-MAY-2011, Monday Valencia, Spain  
10-MAY-2011, Tuesday Barcelona, Spain  
11-MAY-2011, Wednesday Cassis, France  
12-MAY-2011, Thursday Sanary Sur Mer, France  
13-MAY-2011, Friday St. Tropez, France  
14-MAY-2011, Saturday Monte Carlo, Monaco (Debarkation)  


The expression “yachting” is not only a statement about size; it describes a lifestyle aboard these intimate vessels. Chic and stylish, SeaDream’s 56-stateroom twin yachts, SeaDream I & II are favored for their elegant informality, state-of-the-art facilities, personal service provided by a crew of 95, inclusive open bar and gratuities, ocean-view accommodations, luxury spa and world class cuisine. For more details visit www.SeaDream.com

Hampton Sun

SeaDream yacht club is considered a “small” luxury brand, with just two vessels of 56-staterooms each. SeaDream has relationships with luxury brands that align nicely with our product and our guest expectations. One such company is Hampton Sun. Named after the stretches of sugar white beaches and lovely bays of the Hamptons, located 70 miles east of New York City. The Hamptons are known for boating, deluxe restaurants, boutiques and country clubs. Popular with celebrities, investors and high net worth individuals, some of the most expensive zip codes in the US are located in the Hamptons. The Hamptons is the birth place of Hampton Sun and here we’ve interviewed Salvatore Piazzolla, President and Owner of Hampton Sun. www.hamptonsuncare.com

SD: What’s new at Hampton Sun in suncare?

HS: We are hard at work brining our customers the latest and greatest in sun care and we are including the most innovative ingredients on the market. . This Summer, we are introducing our “Luxe Sport” Continuous Mist Collection consisting of an SPF 15, 35 and 55 as well as an SPF 30 Lip Balm. The packaging is aerosol free, has a 360 degree angle and includes Polycrylene, a NEW FDA approved technology designed to improve sunscreen performance through enhanced UVA protection and an increased resistance to water.

SD: I like to look tan & have a healthy glow, but for someone in their 40’s, how do I achieve that without looking like leather?

HS: You need to be sure to use a product with anti-aging benefits. The sun brings out fine lines and wrinkles regardless, so you need to pay extra attention to ingredients. Hampton Sun focuses on natural and organic along with vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging enzymes to ensure full protection of your skin. You want a product that has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection included in the formula and re-apply during your time in the sun.

SD: SeaDream yacht club features the suncare collection aboard SeaDream I & II. Are you seeing a trend towards higher SPF numbers and people concerned about damaging their skin? How is Hampton Sun approaching those concerns today?

HS: We most definitely are seeing a trend towards high SPF’s for the obvious reasons in medical occurrences. The sun is harmful and can cause cancer, period. However Dr’s will still tell you that you need to get a Vitamin D intake. When approached cautiously and the Smart, Serious way you can still enjoy your time outdoors. With our SPF 55, we have captured the millions of people that like the sun, but don’t want its effects. With this product you are getting the ultimate in sun protection. With that said, there is still a huge market for lower SPF’s and rightfully so, everyone is different and we want to have a product that suits everyone. That is why even with our lowest number of an SPF 4 Oil, we have still included anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and minerals so the proper nutrients are being replenished into their skin.

SD: I love the scent. How did you come up with it?

HS: Living in the Hamptons, you will begin to associate the summer there with a familiar and beautiful scent. It is something that just can’t go un-noticed and I wanted to capture that, in a bottle. The Hampton streets are lined with the Privet Hedge, which is a thick green privacy bush. In the last two weeks of June, it produces a little white bud flower and the smell is just intoxicating, you can’t stop your nose from traveling to it. That is exactly the scent that runs through our entire line, clean, fresh, and unique.

Employee of the Year for 2010 aboard SeaDream I is Pastry Chef, Garfield Anderson. One might have a love-hate relationship with him. Oh how we do love the decadent deserts and pleasing pastries he creates. But the inches that accumulate quickly around the waistline must be blamed on someone! Lucky for Garfield, his charming Irish accent and sweet smile make it impossible to be anything but gracious in his presence. Photo shows Captain Willassen providing Garfield with his award.

SeaDream has announced exciting new options to explore Machu Picchu, complimenting their luxury voyages to the Amazon in February and March 2012. Few places are as intriguing or ignite curiosity more than Machu Picchu, voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status. SeaDream yacht club announced three pre-voyage and three post-voyage land adventure options to compliment their Amazon voyages. SeaDream has teamed up with experienced local partners and together have created unique and insightful excursions through Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Expertly escorted by specially selected local licensed guides, these are authentic cultural experiences designed for the sophisticated traveler. Tours include accommodations in five-star hotels, transportation on the Orient Express luxury train, the Hiram Bingham, lunch at the Wayra Ranch where prominent Chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will serve up a gastronomic feast and afternoon tea at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge Hotel. The longer tour options include an overnight at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, allowing guests to explore the site late in the evening and early in the day.

The 112 guest mega-yacht, SeaDream II will be berthed at Iquitos, Peru on March 4, 2012. Guests sailing on the 20-day voyage #21207 from Barbados to Iquitos (February 13 – March 4), may reserve a 3, 5 or 6-night post-voyage Machu Picchu land adventure. Guests sailing on the 20-day voyage #21208 from Iquitos to Barbados (March 4 – 24) may reserve a 4, 5 or 6-night pre-voyage land adventure.

“These adventures enable guests to enhance their journey with a captivating land exploration arranged by SeaDream,” said Bob Lepisto, President, SeaDream yacht club. “Guests have the opportunity to experience the culture and history of this exotic destination by extending their SeaDream voyage with a land program created with their high level of expectation in mind.” For further details visit www.SeaDream.com or phone 800 707-4911.


In the article 10 Islands to See Before You Die, written by Gary McKechnie, he starts off with the island of Vieques…

VIEQUES: Experience the world’s clearest bioluminescent bay

When the U.S. Navy packed up and left Vieques in 2003 after more than 60 years, it left something behind: unspoiled nature. Land once used for bombing practice is now designated as a national wildlife refuge.

So far there are only a few mega-resorts like those found on the Puerto Rican mainland — instead, you’ll find homey inns like the aptly named Great Escape B&B, where breakfast is served poolside. There are only two notable towns (the population is less than 10,000): Isabel Segunda on the northern side of the island, and the far smaller Esperanza on the south. The effect is that when you reach a beach at the end of a dirt road here, your reward is having the sand largely to yourself.

Playa de la Chiva (Blue Beach) attracts daytime snorkelers and divers, but the real reason Vieques belongs on your bucket list is Puerto Mosquito. Of the seven bioluminescent bays on the planet, Puerto Mosquito is the most impressive, thanks to the clarity and brightness of its waters. Schedule a moonless night for a swim or kayak tour and you’ll be greeted by billions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates that ignite the water with a magical blue-green glow

Visit SeaDream’s website to book you next Caribbean voyage, including a visit to Vieques. And of course, SeaDream offers the BIOLUMINESCENT BAY ENCOUNTER.

SeaDream yacht club is delighted to announce that celebrity chef and entrepreneur Levi Roots, who found fame in 2007 on the popular BBC Two series Dragons’ Den, will be joining SeaDream I aboard a 7-night voyage departing from Antigua (round-trip) on December 4, 2011. This is the first time SeaDream has hosted a UK-based celebrity chef on board.
Jamaican-born Levi Roots is known widely for his creative, Caribbean-themed cuisine – both in the UK and internationally – using simple techniques and easy-to-find ingredients. During the voyage, guests aboard SeaDream’s deluxe, all-inclusive mega yacht, SeaDream I, will have the opportunity to enjoy colorful cooking demonstrations by this famous celebrity chef and also sample his cuisine served at dinner one evening.
“With a maximum of 112 guests aboard, this promises to be an extra unique and exclusive voyage,” comments SeaDrea’sm UK Director of Business Development, Jenny Wright. “We are delighted to be welcoming Levi aboard and are confident that the indigenous culinary theme of this sailing will be of great interest to our loyal SeaDreamers and new guests alike.”
Says Levi Roots: “I am thrilled to be sailing and cooking aboard SeaDream’s award-winning SeaDream I – the first time I have been a guest chef at sea! My Caribbean food is renowned for ‘bringing sunshine to your kitchen and your soul.” This SeaDream I voyage departs Antigua December 4, 2011 and calls on Anguilla, Tortola, Norman Island, Virgin Gorda, Saba, St Barts and Nevis concluding in Antigua on December 11. Voyage fares start at $2,999 per person and include all gourmet meals, gratuities, wine with lunch and dinner, complimentary open bar, use of the yacht’s “water toys” and more.   
For further details visit www.SeaDream.com or phone 800 707-4911.

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