A Private Charter of SeaDream “Made a Lasting Impression”– John F. Malloy, Chairman, President & CEO of Victaulic


Each year SeaDream yacht club names a Manager of the Year and an Employee of the Year for both SeaDream I & II. It’s SeaDream’s way of showing appreciation for vision, dedication and hard work. The winners are selected by SeaDream’s President, Bob Lepisto in liaison with the Captains of each yacht.

For winners there is a cash prize, an engraved crystal plaque, a photo with the Captain to commemorate the honor and other gifts including luxury paid vacations.

The 2010 Manager of the Year aboard SeaDream I is Chef, Tomasz Kozlowski.

What’s not to like about this man? He keeps our bellies full of absolutely delectable fare. As the recently published Frommer’s guide, “Best Cruise Ships of 2011” said about SeaDream ; the “cuisine is fine, fine, fine.” Tomasz said of his award “I am an original SeaDream crew member who joined the yachts in 2001. It’s with great pride over the years to have grown with the philosophy of SeaDream and I look forward to the future.”

SeaDream yacht club is considered a “small” luxury brand, with just two vessels of 56-staterooms each. SeaDream has relationships with luxury brands that align nicely with our product and our guest expectations. One such company is Caspian Star Caviar (as it is known to the trade) or Caviar Russe as it’s known to the public with it’s namesake a bar, restaurant and retail shop on Madison at 54th Street in New York City.

Sturgeon, the fish that produce caviar, have roamed the seas and rivers since the age of the dinosaurs. The word caviar originates from the Turkish “khavyar”, first appearing in English print in 1591. Caviar was once reserved strictly for royalty. Russian Caviar has always been considered of the best quality due to the breeding conditions in the Caspian Sea.

SD: What is your name and what is your position at Caspian Star Caviar/Caviar Russe?

Ilya Panchernikov- Managing Director          

SD: What are the different types of caviar?

The three most well know species are Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga  -the “Big Three”

SD: Is all caviar expensive? If so, why? Is one type of caviar more expensive than another?

These days there are so many varieties of caviar that it allows the consumer to choose from many different price points. Some of the caviars we carry provide a very good price to quality ratio and allow our caviars to be enjoyed on a more frequent basis. The Wild Caspian caviars are the most expensive due to supply and demand.  We carry a Caspian Sea aquacultured Osetra which is fantastic in quality and sells at a significantly more attractive price point.

SD: What part of the world consumes the most caviar/ Where is it most popular?

Caviar is popular throughout the entire world. Traditionally the largest consumers have been Russia, France and the U.S.

SD: I suppose there are different brands of caviar one can purchase? What is unique about Caviar Russe?

Our company is unique in the sense that our main specialization is caviar. We have a tremendous variety of caviars that allow the consumer the greatest available options to choose from. There are no middle men when purchasing with us, we are the Importer, packer, and distributor. We sell to the trade and to the retail public through our brand “Caviar Russe”

Caviar Russe recently launched a brand new luxury website www.CaviarRusse.com

Frommer’s listed its picks for under-the-radar, crowd-free Caribbean islands.

From the list; Vieques, Puerto Rico and Nevis…both frequented by SeaDream for just that reason!

Vieques, Puerto Rico

The emergence of this former U.S. military base on the hospitality scene has been blessedly unhurried. About 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, Vieques retains a rustic feel.

The island — 22 miles long and 4 miles wide — also has more than its share of five-star beaches, including horseshoe coves and palm-fringed black-sand stretches. Take a boat out in the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay and you’re practically floating on stars.

More Info: www.vieques-island.com.



The sleepy counterpart to the sister island of St. Kitts, Nevis is the unvarnished Caribbean with bejeweled coral reefs and palm-fringed beaches. Still, goats and donkeys roam the largely rural 36-square-mile island, and untamed bougainvillea spills over colonial windmills. It’s no vision of manicured perfection, and for many travelers, that’s a plus.

Quiet seclusion has its fans, and Nevis is increasingly on the radar of folks who appreciate character-filled tropical hideaways far from the cruise-ship crowds. You can sail, windsurf, and fish to your heart’s content, but really, put down that tennis racket and put up your feet. Taking it easy is known as “liming” here, and if someone back home asks you what you did on your Nevis vacation, the proper answer is “Liming!”

More Info: www.nevisisland.com


Rutzie – SeaDream stateroom Stewardess by day, singer by night.

Stress-free and relaxing holidays with a sprinkling of sightseeing are the most popular type of vacation for all travelers worldwide, according to an Ipsos-Reuters survey. More than one-third of 18,778 consumers questioned in a survey in 24 countries opted for a low-key break. That was nearly twice the number who chose an outdoor trip involving hiking, fishing, boating, sailing or camping, a family vacation with children or a cultural excursion.

“Women are also more likely to prefer a relaxing break with the odd bus tour or show than men, as were the over 50s,” the survey found. “Almost in every country this type of trip was number one,” said Vancouver-based Dave Pierzchala, the vice president of travel research for Ipsos, the global market research company.

“It stood out as being the most popular definition of why people get away,” said Pierzchala. “If you take enough trips during the course of a year invariably you are going to take a trip where all you are looking to do is to get away, relax and see some sights.”

Cosmopolitan holidays with plenty of shopping and dining, and adventure travel were the least popular overall of the six travel options offered in the poll. Not surprisingly adrenaline-pumping vacations were also a big draw for young, unmarried, high-earning men.

-By David Wilkening

For the ultimate in relaxation, sail SeaDream’s Trans-Atlantic voyages; # 21117 and # 11118

Voyage # 11118 sails April 23 –May 8, 2011. Its’ 14-days/15-nights at sea, from San Juan to London with one stop in Ponta Delgada, Azores. Fares starting at $3,299 per person + fees.

Voyage # 21117 sails April 25 – May 7, 2011. It’s 11-days/12-nights at sea, from Barbados to Malaga with one stop in Madeira (Funchal), Portugal. Fares starting at $2,499 per person + fees.

Are you surprised to know that a recent voyage aboard SeaDream I had guests from 11 countries?

Guess which 11 countries were represented.


Great Britain
The Netherlands

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