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SeaDream Spa

A rejuvenating experience awaits you at the SeaDream Spa. Choose from an extensive range of spa favorites such as our Thalgo Marine Algae body wrap, Javanese Lulur body treatment and La Prairie Cellular Hydrating Facial. The SeaDream Spa is an experience that you will surely want to return to again and again.

Thalgo Marine Algae Body Wrap

Minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients boost the body’s immune system and help it detoxify. This treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism and relieves aches and pains. Excellent for general well-being and total relaxation.

Javanese Lulur

A traditional Javanese body scrub using an indulgent recipe of ingredients including yogurt, lemon and herbs that tighten and moisturize the skin. Equally suited for men and women.

La Prairie Cellular Hydrating Facial

The most dramatic results for stressed, fatigued skin. This intensive treatment combines an energizing mask and massages with the revitalizing benefit of Cellular Cycle Ampoules for the face.

You may browse through a list of our Spa therapies here.


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SeaDream yacht club is considered a “small” luxury brand, with just two vessels of 56-staterooms each. SeaDream has relationships with luxury brands that align nicely with our product and our guest expectations. One such company is Caspian Star Caviar (as it is known to the trade) or Caviar Russe as it’s known to the public with it’s namesake a bar, restaurant and retail shop on Madison at 54th Street in New York City.

Sturgeon, the fish that produce caviar, have roamed the seas and rivers since the age of the dinosaurs. The word caviar originates from the Turkish “khavyar”, first appearing in English print in 1591. Caviar was once reserved strictly for royalty. Russian Caviar has always been considered of the best quality due to the breeding conditions in the Caspian Sea.

SD: What is your name and what is your position at Caspian Star Caviar/Caviar Russe?

Ilya Panchernikov- Managing Director          

SD: What are the different types of caviar?

The three most well know species are Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga  -the “Big Three”

SD: Is all caviar expensive? If so, why? Is one type of caviar more expensive than another?

These days there are so many varieties of caviar that it allows the consumer to choose from many different price points. Some of the caviars we carry provide a very good price to quality ratio and allow our caviars to be enjoyed on a more frequent basis. The Wild Caspian caviars are the most expensive due to supply and demand.  We carry a Caspian Sea aquacultured Osetra which is fantastic in quality and sells at a significantly more attractive price point.

SD: What part of the world consumes the most caviar/ Where is it most popular?

Caviar is popular throughout the entire world. Traditionally the largest consumers have been Russia, France and the U.S.

SD: I suppose there are different brands of caviar one can purchase? What is unique about Caviar Russe?

Our company is unique in the sense that our main specialization is caviar. We have a tremendous variety of caviars that allow the consumer the greatest available options to choose from. There are no middle men when purchasing with us, we are the Importer, packer, and distributor. We sell to the trade and to the retail public through our brand “Caviar Russe”

Caviar Russe recently launched a brand new luxury website www.CaviarRusse.com

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Employee of the Year for 2010 aboard SeaDream I is Pastry Chef, Garfield Anderson. One might have a love-hate relationship with him. Oh how we do love the decadent deserts and pleasing pastries he creates. But the inches that accumulate quickly around the waistline must be blamed on someone! Lucky for Garfield, his charming Irish accent and sweet smile make it impossible to be anything but gracious in his presence. Photo shows Captain Willassen providing Garfield with his award.

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New SeaDream Video

Enjoy the ultimate yachting experience aboard SeaDream yacht club, whose luxury cruises top World’s Best lists in Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure and Berlitz.

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Go to our Facebook page to view the crystal clear waters of Virgin Gorda and closeups of one of our SeaDream yachts from the air!

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Happy Honeymooners!

Peter and Carmen, pictured above, spent a fabulously romantic honeymoon aboard SeaDream recently. They sent SeaDream these photos and a note which read in part, “The crew made us feel like royalty and we have so many wonderful memories.”

As newlyweds, this is your time to have fun and relax. You may spend time alone but also share your excitement and happiness with new found friends aboard. In this casually elegant, yachting experience, it is all about personal choice. 

Together discover the warmth of the Caribbean or the old world charm of the Mediterranean. Whether its un-crowded sugar sand beaches or aged cobblestoned villages you’d like to explore, SeaDream will provide you unparalleled service, cuisine & amenities to enhance your honeymoon holiday.

Aboard SeaDream we want every day to be unforgettable. With only 56 staterooms and 112 guests, our crew of 95 will pamper you to the fullest. Enjoy our award winning cuisine at a private table for two if you’d like, watch movies in the comfort of your plush Belgium bedding or take complimentary mountain bikes ashore for private exploration. Romance is in the air, from the breezy Top of the Yacht Bar, the beckoning Jacuzzi or sleeping under the stars on a Balinese Bed. Memories are made of this.

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Lunch Time!

It’s just about lunch time, so here are a few photos of SeaDream’s fabulous, award-winning dishes. Don’t you wish you were eating lunch at the Topside Restaurant today?

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